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Queen, King, and Ace of Hearts Plans

Our Current Plans

No Contract - Zero Activation Fees - RingPlus Radio™ - In-Call Translations - Free Voicemail to Email

Free Plan Auto Top-Up Monthly Price Cellular Minutes SMS Full Speed 4G LTE Data WiFi Calling MMS International SMS Overages
Truly Free 2 $0 $0 125 50 15 MB Available Sign Up
Pepper $5.00 $0 250 500 10 MB Available Sign Up
Michelangelo $10.00 $0 1000 1000 500 MB Available Sign Up
Giuseppe Farina $20.00 $0 1200 1200 1200 MB Available Sign Up
Althea Gibson $9.99 $0 67 Per Day
67 Per Day
67 Per Day
Tethering Incl.
2010 MB / Month
Available Sign Up
Queen of Hearts $10.00 $0 1000 1000 650 MB Available Sign Up
King of Hearts
Requires a Queen of Hearts
$20.00 $0 1350 1350 1350 MB Available Sign Up
Ace of Hearts
Requires a King, Giuseppe, or Althea
$25.00 $0 2000 2000 2000 MB Available Sign Up
Paid Plan Auto Top-Up Monthly Price Cellular Minutes SMS Full Speed 4G LTE Data WiFi Calling MMS International SMS Overages
Renoir $15.00 $4.99 + Tax 500 500 500 MB Available Sign Up
Malevich $15.00 $9.99 + Tax Unlimited Unlimited 500 MB Unlimited Sign Up
Rivera $15.00 $12.99 + Tax Unlimited Unlimited 1 GB Unlimited Sign Up
Rembrandt Data Only $19.99 + Tax None None 2000 MB Available Sign Up
Miro $15.00 $19.99 + Tax Unlimited Unlimited 2 GB Unlimited Sign Up
Gauguin $15.00 $29.99 + Tax Unlimited Unlimited 3 GB Unlimited Sign Up
Kandinsky $15.00 $39.99 + Tax Unlimited Unlimited 4 GB Unlimited Sign Up
Seurat $20.00 $49.99 + Tax Unlimited Unlimited 6 GB Unlimited Sign Up
Klimt $20.00 $59.99 + Tax Unlimited Unlimited 8 GB Unlimited Sign Up
Vermeer $25.00 $69.99 + Tax Unlimited Unlimited 10 GB Unlimited Sign Up
Modigliani $25.00 $79.99 + Tax Unlimited Unlimited 20 GB Unlimited Sign Up
Monet $25.00 $89.99 + Tax Unlimited Unlimited 30 GB Unlimited Sign Up
Van Gogh $30.00 $109.99 + Tax Unlimited Unlimited 40 GB Unlimited Sign Up

Bring Your Own Device

Use your existing phone with the RingPlus Network!

Do you already own a CDMA-compatible phone or data-only device and want to see if you can use it with RingPlus? Our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program makes that possible! Check to see if you can register on the RingPlus network by entering your devices details below.

The BYOD program supports many different devices but not all. Do not activate Blackberry, Palm, Push-to-Talk phones. The phone must not be currently active on any other network.

RingPlus Exclusive

Features you can only get when you choose RingPlus

Access to the Sprint Nationwide Network reaching over 210 million households

Free WiFi roaming calls everywhere you go - in coffee houses, at home, in the office, on trains, and internationally

Roaming is available via traditional wireless partner networks at 14¢/min and 55¢/MB

Free RingPlus Radio News

40 Free Radio Stations

In-call apps available

Voicemail transcripts sent directly to your email

Record and transcribe business calls with Recall

Speak live in over 29 languages using RingPlus Cloud Translator

Our Company

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RingPlus Member Appreciation Party (RingPlus Kids)

RingPlus hosts multiple parties with celebrities and RingPlus Members. This party featured China McClain dancing and singing with RingPlus Kids.

RingPlus Charity Involvement

RingPlus helps schools and families stay connected.

By being a RingPlus Member, you help RingPlus help children and families. Thank you!

RingPlus Engineering & Development

RingPlus is an active contributor to and sponsor of multiple international open source projects. In the photo above, Evan, our CTO, shares our latest developments with other members in the Adhearsion community.

RingPlus Enablement / MVNE

RingPlus is enabling other telecoms and wireless carriers with our unique, cutting-edge technology.

RingPlus, Inc. Research

RingPlus, Inc. conducts research in many areas, spanning from telecommunication to consumer psychology. In the photo above, Karl, our CEO, gives an interview with Insider about cognitive research to improve communication.