RingPlus Plans are Different

As a RingPlus Member, you will get the usual minutes, text, and data that you are accustomed to with other wireless providers, but wouldn’t you like to get bonus services? And wouldn’t it be even better if those bonus services were FREE?

Auto Top Up

Plans that include an Auto Top Up have a requirement that the account always has a positive balance. What this means is that we'll bill you as an automatic top up upon signup for this plan. Overage amounts will be deducated from that topup at the amounts specified by the plan.

If at any point if you're balance reaches $0.00, we will automatically top you up. If your credit card on file doesn't allow for the top-up, your account will be suspended until the top-up can be made.

WiFi Calling

With most of our plans, you not only get standard wireless minutes that are offered by any other wireless carrier, but you get additional WiFi Calling via our FluidCall system at no extra charge. WiFi Calling can be used from your tablet, computer, or any smart phone and will ring just like your regular phone.

WiFi Calling can be used over any Internet connection worldwide, including WiFi, 3G, or LTE, and is compatible with most SIP client applications.

Simply install any SIP client app on your phone, tablet, or computer and then follow the simple setup instructions on in your Dashboard.

For a free SIP client for Android, we recommend cSipSimple.

For a free SIP client for iPhone, we recommend Media5-Fone.

For a free SIP client for your computer, we recommend Jitsi

WiFi calling counts against cellular minutes in plans that do not include unlimited WiFi or WiFi bundles.

Free Voicemail to Email

Keep records and make your life easier. Just like other carriers, pressing and holding the 1 key will connect you to your traditional voicemail. But with RingPlus, you will get an email with a transcript of every voicemail, including the voicemail audio sent to your email as an attachment.

RingPlus Radio

Enjoy the RingPlus Radio system at no extra cost. Choose from 40+ radio stations, including our premier news station that outperforms TV and radio news in accuracy and timeliness on many breaking stories. Stay informed and enjoy the music.

Recall - Call Recording & Transcription

Can’t remember the address your friend gave you over the phone? Need to remind your dad about the prediction he gave you for the big game? RingPlus Cloud Recall allows you to get a written transcript of a conversation on your RingPlus phone to any other phone in world. All you have to do is engage Recall at any point during your call.

Once you’ve hung up the phone or told Recall to stop recording, you will get an email with a full transcript of everything that was said, broken down by who said what and when.

In addition, the audio file will be attached to the email so you can listen to any part of the conversation. No more pressure of remembering everything you said.

Phone Booth for International Calls

The PhoneBooth app will help you control your international calling budget. The PhoneBooth app will ask you before you make an international phone call how much money you would like to spend on that call.

Advanced Usage Controls & Parental Filters

RingPlus gives you unparalleled flexibility when it comes to manage how (and when) you use your cellular service. Our Usage Timers and Call filters are here to the rescue.

With our Usage Timers, you no longer have to worry if you're using data at night or if your kids are watching videos instead of studying. Not only can you turn of voice, sms, and data with the flick of a switch, you can set them to always be off during certain times of day.

With our Blacklist/Whitelist features, you can tailor your voice calls to do exactly as you need. Block unwanted numbers, or only allow certain numbers to be dialed. All put together, you can craft RingPlus to be the exact kind of carrier you want us to be!

Access to Roaming

Most cell phone providers don’t allow roaming, which means you only have access in native Sprint coverage areas. You can enable roaming easily with RingPlus if you wish to access an extended network outside of the Sprint Nationwide Network that covers 210 million Americans. Roaming helps to improve coverage in some cases, but has a cost from 3rd parties that are out of our control. RingPlus must charge 14 cents per minute and 55 cents per MB of data if roaming is activated and used. Roaming charges may be billed between 2 hours and 3 months in delay, depending on the 3rd party carrier assessing roaming charges. Subscribers that enable roaming are responsible to pay any roaming charges.

Access to roaming will begin on or before September 15th, 2014

Access to Realtime In-Call Translation

Have you ever talked with someone from another country and worry about how effectively you are getting your point across? Don’t have time to study another language several hours a day for months and months so you can check on your work orders from Japan? No need to worry about that anymore. Available exclusively on the RingPlus network, you now have the ability to speak almost 20 different languages on your RingPlus phone. Imagine being able to have an ongoing conversation with anyone in nearly any language.

All RingPlus Wireless services include our In-Call Cloud Translator. Just pick up the phone, dial any number, and when the other party answers, press ** on your keypad. Tell our cloud translator which language you wish to translate to, and then speak normally in your native tongue. Once you stop speaking, we'll automatically translate and playback the words you said to your partner in their native language. This is the future of telecom, and only available through our RingPlus Cloud.

Additional Plan Details

RingPlus RadioFree
Phone BoothFree
Advanced Usage ControlFree
Instant Change of Telephone Number$2.99 + tax
In-Call Translator$0.20 per minute
Voice Roaming$0.14 per minute
Data Roaming$0.55 per MB
Instant Device Swapping$4.99 + tax
Port in a Number$10.00 + tax
Multiple port-ins of the same number: $20 + tax
International Calling & SMSInternational calling and text services are only available with a top
up balance. Rates for inbound and outbound SMS will vary by plan.
Deactivation / ReactivationFree plans may only be started once per thirty days or changed at the
end of your current billing cycle.